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wine-504494_960_720Zia’s Lago Vista. You know us for our food. You love us for our sports. And that’s the thing. There’s just too much to love! Let’s start with our gluten-free menu. We’ve got one! We’re serving the best authentic Italian cuisine and we offer gluten-free options? That goes against everything it means to be Italian. And yet, we get away with it. Want to know why? It’s because we do it better! Our chefs have years of diverse industry experience. We can handle a little gluten when we need to.

Next up, brunch! You love brunch. We love brunch. Who doesn’t love a reasonpasta-329522_960_720 to drink champagne? Brunch hours start Saturday and Sunday at 10:00 AM. We provide the perfect weekend escape (or the perfect recovery from a late night on the town). Brunch at Zia’s Lago Vista is a can’t miss weekend staple!

Then there’s the sports. Zia’s is your unofficial home for all your favorite Chicago sports. We’ve got flatscreens TV for easy viewing, a fully stocked bar for those looking to get their drink on, and daily specials for good food at a great price.

Whatever your reasons for loving Zia’s, we’ll be ready to take your reservations when you need us. So what are you waiting for? Stop into Zia’s Lago Vista today!

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